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Badhaai Ho Movie Review: Do not forget to say ‘Badhaai Ho’

A heart-brained movie like “Badhaai Ho” from Bollywood goes short of expectation and till the end of the film trailer, it was the fear of the mind that…

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 A heart-brained film like “Badhaai Ho” from Bollywood, is unlikely to be expected and, from the trailer of the film to the finish of it, it was feared that in the mind of the subject, Do not be removed. Shantanu Shrivastav, Akshat Ghildiyal, and Jyoti Kapoor have written the story brilliantly, then Amit Ravindranath Sharma has excelled the film with the same beauty. Then the whole family, including Ayushmann Khurrana, remains a shadow on the screen, and the film lives on every character, not from anyone actor but the story. ‘Badhaai Ho’ entertains every front, and does not leave any chance to bring a smile on the face.

The story of the film belongs to the Kaushik family. Mr Kaushik (Gajraj Rao) is a TTE in the Railways and is a government official. Mrs Kaushik also has two sons. Nakul Kaushik (Ayushman Khurana). One night the weather is colourful. Mr Kaushik used to hear Mrs Kaushik a poem on the rain, and it is raining with thunderstorms. In this environment, Mr Kaushik does something with Mrs Kaushik, who does not behave in that age according to society. As the result comes out, the new guest coming to the house The whole family gets stirred.

Kangana Ranaut then fluttered, said, “The film industry should not do any work with Hrithik Roshan”

Mr Kaushish’s mother or grandmother also makes the earthquake. Overall, the awesome scene creates. Ayesha Khurana’s girlfriends Sanya Malhotra is also shocked. The movie flows like water and goes entertainment. Characters have been prepared in such a reliable way, the voices get out of their mouth and they resonate in the theatre. While Ayushman and Sanya Malhotra’s love make a bit of a bit, the Kaushik family removes all the shortcomings. Then Delhi and Meerut also dominate.

Badhaai Ho Movie Review:

(Badhaai Ho) ‘is a film in which every actor is unmatched. Such films are rarely made in Bollywood. The story of the film is the star, the actors know. Ayushman Khurana is accustomed to playing the role of a resident of India. It is similar here too. Sanya Malhotra is also fine. But Gajraj Rao goes crazy. The character of the TTE character of Railways, which he played, has been found on the screen after a long time. Nina Gupta is also Masha Allah. Their expressions are like that. But, the grandmother of Surekha Sikri, who is playing the role, grows up for a long time after seeing her grandmother’s film. The grandmother is amazing and she’s the way to speak so wow.

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The budget of the film ‘Badhaai Ho’ is about Rs 20 crore. It is said. The film is a full-fledged comedy and every age group is going to like it. Such topics have been raised in the film which has not yet been seen in Bollywood. In such a lightly speaking way, the film’s USP The direction is also awesome. And this goes for the director, ‘Badhaai Ho.’

Comments: 4 stars
Director: Amit Ravindranath Sharma
Cast: Ayushman Khurana, Sanya Malhotra, Gajraj Rao, Nina Gupta, Sheeba Chadha and Surekha Sikri

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